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October 25 2017


Yeah the pizza place I work at used to be that it didn’t take orders 15 minutes to close but we turned deliveries off after the hurricane—I live in Florida—and ever since then people have been able to order up until close

I guess said corporation changed it after the hurricanes

Pro tip for everyone thinking of ordering delivery online!! Look at their close time—is it 15 minutes before close? Don’t fucking order

October 21 2017

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Seeing this gif makes me so angry because why the fuck would you Photoshop Harrison Ford’s face on Harrison Ford?????

October 17 2017

How much must Luke Skywalker be freaking out right now?





Can you imagine?

You are moping on your island of self-imposed exile, and then this girl shows up.

  • She’s flying your best friend’s ship. The ship that Han thought he lost for ever. The ship that was stolen and passed through so many hands that he was sure he’d never see it again. The same ship that took you away from home for the first time.
  • She’s accompanied by your personal droid. The droid you left behind and abandoned. The droid that C-3PO was sure would never be the same again.
  • She holds out her hand and she’s holding your father’s light saber. The sword you were sure was lost forever. The light saber that you dropped down a bottomless air shaft on a gas giant thirty years ago. The light saber you knew you would never see again.
  • You look up and you see her eyes. Maz Kanata says that if you live long enough, you see the same eyes looking out of different faces. The girl’s face is different, but those eyes are the same. You know those eyes. They’re the eyes you thought you’d never see again.

And that’s when you know it.

You’re screwed.

They say sometimes the Force works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the Force will send you little signs. Subtle clues.

Other times, the Force will just beat you repeatedly over the head with a gigantic neon sign that says: “You can’t run away from your past anymore, Luke. I won’t let you. Look, here is your past come back to haunt you. Now deal with it.

You have no idea how much I adore this post with my whole being

I like the idea of the Force sending Luke little signs over the years that it’s time to return to his loved ones, gently increasing in intensity as he ignores them, until it finally gets fed up and shoves the events of Episode 7 into motion, finishing with a flourish of HERE’S YOUR NEW APPRENTICE, SPACE HOBO.

space hobo

October 03 2017

Customers are hell beasts

Someone called today at 10:30 and ordered 44 large specialty pizzas—that they wanted at 1. Their total was around 457$

They did not tip the driver At All, and when asked, they were like “oh well we had to get the rest of the pizzas from another store”

Like bitch!!! Of course you did, you didn’t tell us the day before and we didn’t have the dough to do any more than that

September 27 2017

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☀️   s u n s e t   t o n e s  🌙

September 26 2017

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peaceful decay w/ Nikon f60 & Kodak Portra 160

summer ‘17, Predeal, Romania

September 10 2017

aph-lithuania replied to your post  hey i haven’t been on much but uh i live in…

I DIDNT MEAN to reblog this from you fuck sorry

you’re good! i don’t mind if it’s reblogged 

hey i haven’t been on much but uh i live in florida and it’s fine for the most part

what wasn’t fine was the fact that i had to work today, and customers showed a continual disregard for our employees

<!-- more -->

like, i work at p*zza h*t and we closed at 5 today instead of 11, and we were scheduled to make, in 12 hours, $2300

instead, even though we closed at 5, we made $2100

we ran out of dough, and customers kept ordering. we only had thin crust left, and customers kept ordering. it said on the website we closed at 5, and i had a customer call nine minutes to close to place an order

that’s not okay, and people need to realize that people in the food service industry have lives too you know, and we don’t live at our places of work

fuck customers, and especially fuck people who would gladly ignore other’s safety and well being so they can do whatever they please

August 07 2017

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Abandoned Yellow House in Nova Scotia

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Portland Police Bureau: “Forensic Evidence Division Criminalist Walker Berg took this amazing photo from the 12th floor of the Justice Center. We’re calling it “Crows on Snow.“ 

dude really knows how to photograph a murder

@haiyuun @pentacass 

WHAT oh my god <3

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Obsessed with this way of drawing roses.

August 06 2017

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some wallpapers/backgrounds I’ve been trying to do xD

If you use, pls give credits ;u; ~

August 04 2017

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Commissions are open!

some notes:

  • Any fandom, original characters, and portraits are welcome, so long as reference pictures are provided.
  • Commissioning your OTP? Be sure to provide a basic description of the scene or relationship dynamic of your characters. This is especially necessary for original characters and portraits.
  • Payment is upfront and through PayPal, their fee will be added to the total price.
  • Prints of your commission are available by initial request only. Printing and shipping fees will apply.




man i have some pretty good self esteem right now

…you’re gonna fukkin make me write it, aren’t you
— the Fanfic Writer’s Lament when they can’t find anything that caters to their kinks (via bisexualr2d2)
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